Teletone Taps VS other Tap Plates

Teletone Taps VS other Tap Plates

Tap plates are an important component of tap shoes, and they come in different types, shapes, and materials. Teletone tap plates are a popular choice among tap dancers, but how do they differ from other tap plates? In this educational blog, we will explore the differences between Teletone tap plates and other tap plates.

First, let's define what Teletone tap plates are. Teletone is a brand of tap plates made by Capezio, a well-known dancewear company. Teletone tap plates are made of aluminum and have a unique construction that produces a distinct sound. They have a flat surface with a slight curve at the edges, which allows for a smooth transition between steps. The sound they produce is clear and sharp, making them a favorite among tap dancers.

Now, let's look at other types of tap plates. One common type of tap plate is the standard metal tap plate, which is made of aluminum or steel. These tap plates are often flat and rectangular in shape, and they produce a loud, resonant sound. They are durable and long-lasting, but they can be heavy and may require more effort to produce the desired sound.

Another type of tap plate is the split-sole tap plate, which is designed to provide more flexibility and support to the foot. Split-sole tap plates have a unique construction that allows the sole of the shoe to bend more easily, making it easier for the dancer to execute complex footwork. However, split-sole tap plates may not produce the same clear, sharp sound as Teletone tap plates.

Finally, there are also tap plates made of other materials, such as plastic or rubber. These tap plates are often used in children's tap shoes, as they are lightweight and less expensive than metal tap plates. However, they may not produce the same sound quality as metal tap plates and may not be as durable.

In summary, Teletone tap plates are a type of tap plate made by Capezio that are known for their clear, sharp sound and unique construction. Other types of tap plates include standard metal tap plates, split-sole tap plates, and tap plates made of plastic or rubber. Each type of tap plate has its own unique qualities, and dancers may choose the type that best suits their needs and preferences.

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