Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement  

As a customer of Ashley Ellen Dance Costume Hire we need you to carefully read all of our terms and conditions surrounding this website and the use of this website. If you do not in some way agree with these terms, you are forbidden from purchasing our product or using this website and we kindly ask that you leave the site. 

These are the terms and conditions of Ashley Ellen Dance Costume Hire and these are binding between yourself and Ashley Ellen Dance Costume Hire. You use our services, rent or purchase our products and use our website www.ashleyellendance.com. 

General Rental Agreement 

At Ashley Ellen Dance Costume Hire we want you to have the best experience but we do have a few rules to ensure utmost respect to our beautiful costumes. 

How it works: 

Our costumes are rented for a 7 day period of which the first day of the rental will be the first day you will be wearing the product. We will send the product to 1-3 days prior to the rental date and the product must be sent back to us within the seven day hire period or at the latest on the eighth day (grace day).  

Terms of service:

    1. Dates: When you hire a garment from us, you are supplying the date that you need to be wearing the costume and that extends from there onwards for seven days. This means that the garment needs to be delivered back before those 7 days are up. We will allow a grace period of one day (the eighth day) for you to send the garment.  
    2. Late Fee: There will be tracking numbers on the return bag so we will be notified when the garment is being sent back to us. If the garment is not sent within the seven days and grace period (the eigth day) there will be a compulsory late fee added to the order of $5.00 a day following the eight day. This will be invoiced and sent to you via email as supplied when entering our site and when purchasing the product. As you have used our services and therefore agreed to these terms this late fee is to be paid within 14 days of it being sent to you.  
    3. Loss or Damage: The address that you provide us in the purchasing process we assume as being the address that you are residing at and we take no responsibility for non-delivery if you are not there to receive it. Once the garment is delivered to you, you the customer are of full responsibility of any damages made to the garment whilst in your possession. If we receive the garment and it has been damaged to our standard that it cannot be fixed, you will be required to pay a damage fee of $25.00 each product to be invoiced to your email address supplied to us in the purchasing process. This invoice is to be paid by you’re the customer within 14 days of sending the invoice. Some of the examples of damage include unremovable makeup stains, tears or rips and loss of the product.  
    4. Delivery: If you are a local and can pick up, you are entitled to no freight and can choose the pick up option at checkout. If you want the costume delivered through postage service you are required to choose the $10.00 return shipping option. It is your responsibility to choose the correct shipping option or you are liable for the costume hire fee if you do not pick up. This is the amount that is stated on the product page. If the item is not picked up you will be responsible for the fee and you will be invoiced accordingly. This invoice needs to be paid within 14 days of us sending this. 
    5. Lost return bags: If you lose your return shipping bag it is your responsibility to deliver the package back to us. You will need to email and we will respond with the appropriate address. 
    6. Refusal of service: We at all time have the right to refuse service to any person  that does not agree to these terms and conditions. This will be up to Ashley Ellen Dance Costume Hire to  
    7. Modification of pricing and/or products: We reserve the right to change or modify any stated prices or products that are integrated with our business at any time, other than products that have already been reserved or purchased. 
  1. Refund policy: Ashley Ellen Dance Costume Hire does not refund on for sale or hire products as they have measurements on the product pages and is at the consumers discretion when purchasing. It is up to the customer to make a conscious decision when purchasing these. If the hire costumes do not fit this is at the risk of the customer. If there is damage to the item, there will be full refund made to the customer. We do not refund on change of mind. We do however, offer hire costume credit for costumes that are cancelled 7 days prior to the first date that they were booked. 


We will now be sending for try ons for a flat rate of $30 + postage.

The try on can only be booked two weeks in advance if the garments are not already booked out on those dates. 

All garments that have been requested for trying on will come with a large tag attached. If this tag gets removed or if the garment looks worn (i.e. too many marks, smells like perfume, fake tan marks, or any other marks), then the full rental cost will be charged onto the customer.

You are required to send this garment back the NEXT working day after you have received it, in the prepaid return bag that was supplied. Otherwise, you will be charged with our usual late fee of $25 per day.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at ashleyellendance@gmail.com.

General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions of sale shall apply to and form part of any contracts of sale for the supply of any or all good, products, materials and related services by the purchaser from Ashleyellendance.

All good are the property of Ashleyellendance until paid in full. 

Prices and product range are subject to change without notice.

Unpaid orders and holds will be kept for one week, after which they may be returned to stock.

Freight is paid for by the customer, and customers assume all risks with freight from Ashleyellendance to customer's premises. 



Returns Policy 

Ashley Ellen Dance can choose to repair, replace or refund your purchase if:

The product is damaged - This includes damages from faulty manufacturing, from us or damage due to shipping. This doesn't include damage made by the consumer.

The product isn't what is described on the webiste - If measurements do not match those expressed in the product description.  

The product is a sale item - If the product you purchased had a reduced price we will not offer a refund or credit for that product. 

Ashley Ellen Dance will not repair, replace or refund your purchase if:

The consumer changes their mind after purchasing the product - We do not have to give a refund if you change your mind about a purchase — so please choose carefully. If the product you have bought is faulty, we will provide a remedy as required by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

There are currently some delays with international deliveries.

The spread of COVID-19 globally has led to reduced airfreight capacity and more recently, stricter lockdown restrictions within certain countries, causing delays to parcels coming in and out of New Zealand. We expect delays to continue for some time. Thanks for your patience.

This means when we order products in for a customer from an overseas supplier we can not be held accountable for any delays resulting from COVID-19.