Group Pointe Fittings

Ashley Ellen Dance is thrilled to introduce our exclusive Traveling Group Pointe Fitting Service, designed to make your studio's pointe shoe fittings hassle-free and cost-effective.

Picture this: our expert team comes directly to your studio, ensuring a seamless fitting process for multiple dancers, all in a single day. We've already journeyed across the North Island with great success and are excited to expand our services to the South Island in 2024.

By choosing us, you're not just saving time and money for your students; you're also ensuring they receive the highest level of expertise and care right at your doorstep. Make pointe shoe fittings a breeze and let us bring the perfect shoes to you, enhancing both convenience and performance for your dancers.

Our brands include: CapezioEnergetiksSoDancaMerlet and Gaynor Minden.

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