In-Store Pointe Fittings

During these comprehensive 30-45 minute sessions, we go the extra mile to find the perfect pointe shoe for your dancer, regardless of where they are on their pointe journey.

Our fittings cover critical topics such as foot anatomy, pointe shoe anatomy, maximizing the lifespan of your shoes, and proper pointe shoe care. These insights empower your dancers to prepare effectively, deliver exceptional performances, and safeguard against potential injuries.

Ashley's Bio

Previously a dancer and now a teacher, Ashley brings a personable and holistic approach to pointe fitting. With knowledge from both her dance experiences and of the brand and products that Ashley Ellen Dance stock she has a well-rounded take on modern pointe fitting.

Ashley lost her ability to dance full-time due to injury at the tender age of 18 whilst a full-time student at the New Zealand School of Dance. So, she knows first-hand the struggles that dancers face day-to-day and how prevalent injuries are within the industry. This has given her a primary focus on injury prevention and a meticulous need to find the perfect fitting shoe for each dancer to ensure that she is a positive part of prolonging their careers.

Pointes are more than products to Ashley, and with the range of styles, technologies, and advancement with shoes now, she can provide the right solutions to any of dancer’s pointe needs.

Our brands include: CapezioEnergetiksSoDancaMerletGaynor Minden, Grishko & Freed.

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