Pointe Tour 2023 Recap!

Pointe Tour 2023 Recap!

Our 2023 Pointe Tour was everything and more!

We met over 100 dancers and their families/studios across the Central and Lower North Island and look forward to meeting many more! 

Since early January, we have visited:

  • Napier
  • Porirua
  • Taupo
  • New Plymouth
  • Hawera
  • Wellington

Additionally, we thought we would share some of the nuggets of knowledge we learnt along the way: 

  1. If you are having trouble with your pointe shoes it’s most likely not your fault, it’s usually the wrong shoes or wrong fit.
  2. So many young dancers are still very unaware of what to expect from their pointe shoes and pointe work in general, we look to change that. 
  3. If you have been told to go with a certain ‘brand’ of pointes before being properly fitted, don't feel like you have to. Your fitter should have multiple brands and options to cater to a wide range of feet
  4. No one’s feet are ever the same, you shouldn't choose pointes based on what your friends are wearing.
  5. There are so many inserts and accessories that have been created to prevent injuries and also to help the transition into pointe enjoyable, if you can use them and they provide a solution you should use them! 
  6. Your fitter should be explaining how things ‘should’ feel when starting pointe so you’re able to make educated decisions and you should feel comfortable telling them what you're feeling, communication is KEY! 

Want to hear more about what to expect from your pointe shoes? Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, coming soon 👀

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We have about 11students looking for pointe shoes from 11.to 17 years.
Would you be interested in coming to Greytown?

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